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Client: Private Client

Location: Beach Front, Saadiyat Island, Abu Dhabi

Event: Signature Event & Dinner

Even though Saadiyat Island’s beachfront had never been used for an event before, EBB found a way to use it as an exclusive and one-of-a-kind venue for this private client’s themed dinner party.


Before all the opulent decorative elements could be introduced, EBB had to install a temporary structure that included flooring, walls, pathways, restrooms and kitchen directly on the beach. These large structures were constructed with stringent protocols to avoid causing any damage to the beach, as per the rigorous agreement made with TDIC.


Guests were, after much work, able to savor a five-course meal while enjoying the ambiance of the ocean, coupled with an ornate light installation, both of which reflected the whimsical ‘Fairies and Fireflies’ event theme.